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How to Schedule Posts & Reels in The Instagram App

Instagram users who operate business accounts can now schedule posts and Reels up to 75 days ahead directly from their mobile devices. Previously, this required third-party tools or desktop solutions like Meta Business Suite. This update simplifies scheduling, making it accessible through the iOS or Android app.

The only requirement is having a professional account. If you use Instagram for business, you probably already have one. If not, upgrading from a standard account is simple and free. Now, let’s delve into utilizing Instagram’s post scheduling feature.


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How To Schedule Posts And Reels On Instagram

In the Instagram app, you have the option to schedule photos, videos, carousels, or Reels up to 75 days ahead, with the ability to schedule up to 25 posts daily.

Open The Instagram App

Tap the plus (+) icon to create a new post or Reel.

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Select Post Or Reel

Tap any label in the bottom right corner to select the type of post you want.

Schedule Post or reel

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Choose A Photo Or Video

Choose an image or video from your device’s gallery and then select the “Next” button.

Reels & Photo

Access Advanced Settings

Tap on the Advanced settings option.

advance setting

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Schedule The Post Or Reel

Select the “Schedule content” choice from the menu.

Schedule post settings


Navigate Back And Schedule

After confirming the selected date and time, click on the top left corner back arrow button and complete scheduling.

Schedule post         Schedule post

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How To Manage Scheduled Posts And Reels On Instagram?

After scheduling, you can manage your posts and Reels using the following steps.

Navigate To Your Instagram Profile Page

View your scheduled content directly from your Instagram profile.

Instagram Settings    Settings

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Select Post Or Reel To Edit

Select the post or Reel by tapping it. Use Reschedule to adjust the date and time, Share now for immediate posting, or Delete to remove it from the schedule.

Edit Schedule posts    Delete Post
Automation helps you efficiently manage Instagram, updating your profile while meeting clients. By scheduling posts during peak engagement, you maintain consistency. For insights on optimal posting times, refer to this article. Growthbox, a leading social media marketing agency in Chandigarh, can assist you.


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